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Although Forte Agent is primarily thought of as a Usenet client it can also be used for email:

Step 1:
Run Forte Agent and from the Options menu select Inbound Email

Step 2:
Click on the System tab, make sure Receive email with POP and Login with username and password are selected.

(Use APOP password encryption should not be selected. )

Enter your full email address as the username.

If you would like your computer to remember your POP3 password select Remember password between sessions and enter your password in the box provided.

Other options in this dialogue box should remain unselected.

Settings contained within the other tabs of the Inbound Email dialogue can be adjusted according to the user's preferences.

Click on OK

Step 3:
From the Options menu select User and System Profile

Click on the User tab and enter your personal details as you wish them to appear on emails you send.

If your NNTP news server requires a username and password this is where you enter them. 
(Typically your ISP's own news server will not require this)

Step 4:
Click on the System tab

Select Send email messages with SMTP, enter the name of the Astroshost SMTP server as shown and then click on the SMTP Authentication button.

This is also where you add the name of the NNTP Usenet server you intend to use with Agent.
(Typically this will be the one provided by the ISP through whom you connect to the Internet)

Step 5:
In the SMTP Authentication dialogue Login with a username and password and Use POP3 username and password should both be selected.

Click on OK

Step 6:
Click on OK

Step 7:
That's it! We're all done. You should now be able to send and receive email using Forte Agent.

Hint: Try testing the system by sending an email to yourself. When you've done that, wait a few seconds then see if you have received it.

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